Demo for AR Interface

This project is exploring the feasibility of an AR interface for smart home management. The unique needs of a user managing their home are considered however the findings could be expanded to other AR applications.  
Gathering User Data
The source material for this project was an episode of Black Mirror called White Christmas. In it the user, Greta, makes a copy of herself into an AI enhanced assistant who interacts with a tabletop device to manage her home and life. From the material data was gathered regarding tasks the device is used for and motivations behind using it. 
User Analysis
The user of this technology is Greta, a busy executive who lives in the UK and copied her consciousness into an AI enhanced assistant, referred to in the report as AI Greta, who knows exactly how she wants tasks done. AI Greta uses a tabletop device to control and automate various aspects of the real executive’s home. In the source material, the executive is depicted viewing her email inbox and expressing how much time it will take to get everything done suggesting she is very busy and wants the assistant to use this technology to manage her home more efficiently.
Task Analysis

Figure 3. Over shoulder view of Greta using tabletop to raise shutters (left) and Greta using device to create a schedule (right)

During the task analysis findings indicated that the user’s goal was to run the household efficiently and seamlessly.  This involved a morning routine which included tasks performed by the device such as waking up the executive (raising the shutters, playing music, and warming the floors) and creating a schedule for the day (adding to schedule and displaying it).
Environmental Analysis

Figure 4. AI Greta automating breakfast with device (top left), AI Greta ejecting toast (top right), AI Greta adjusting music volume (bottom left), AI Greta creating a schedule (bottom right).

The user interacts with the tabletop device in a large brightly lit white room that only contains the device and no sounds are present except for music played from the tabletop. This is the main location for the device in the source material and it also features a separate screen above the table where the user has an overview of footage from cameras in the executive’s home for ensuring tasks are carried out in the proper manner.
Visualizing User Data
Empathy Map
An empathy map for the user was created for the first task of waking executive Greta up there and based around three problems and three enjoyable moments. The three problems were that the user is confined to the work room, is not able to rest much and only sees the executive through screens. The three enjoyable moments were that the floor is warm, the music is relaxing, and the room is bright enough to wake up the executive gently meaning the users job was done well. 

For the second task of creating a schedule, the three problems are that AI Greta cannot speak to the real Greta directly, can only speak about task related topics, and cannot attend the meetings because she has to remain in the workroom. The three enjoyable moments are when the user makes a schedule that is balanced, presented nicely to the executive and allows for the executive to relax knowing that the day is schedule for her.
Hierarchical Task Analysis Task 1 

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