Role: Lead UX Researcher
Keywords: Affective computing, computer-mediated communication, emotional awareness, social connection,
Background: Self-tracking biodata shown to help with reflection and goal setting as well as for social connection. 
Aim: The project looked at the potential of a social biosignal sharing application that enables users to share biosignals related to emotional states, specifically through tracking electrodermal activity (EDA). This feature aims to enhance emotional awareness and foster a sense of community among users by facilitating the communication of emotions through shared data
Key Findings:
- Users saw the potential for a social biosignal sharing app to enhance emotional awareness and connect with others
- Considerations for sharing biosignals depended on emotional valence and time suggesting the need for design to encourage communication during difficult emotions with consideration for the time needed for emotional coping.
Users discussed enhancing the existing features and the suggestions revolved around the following:
Reflective annotations as a means for tracking emotions and awareness of patterns including custom colors for data visualization, emojis, etc. 
Expressive annotations to co-construct emotions and richly communicate with partners using emojis and other color customization options.
Community Features such as "close friends" to control who can see user data and leaderboards to foster a sense of belonging.
Ephemeral Messages with expiration timers to encourage communication
Participatory Design
Participants: n=6 
- 1 day trial - collected data while participants wore E4 wristband and tagged events
- 3 Codesign Sessions - led by me. Part 1: Questioned users to understand: 1) affective skills-building needs and 2) perceptions around sharing physiological information. Part 2: Facilitated the co-design of suggestions to improve the high-fidelity prototypes created by my teammate and then had users present dislikes or features they do not like and prioritize suggestions based on needs vs wants.
- 9 Interviews -led by me and based questions around participants' experiences during a 1-week trial wearing an Empatica 4 wristband and tagging events.  

Qualitative Analysis - open coding and thematic analysis
Empatica 4 Wristband
High Fidelity Prototypes by team mate
EDA Screen - Message to share
EDA Screen - Message to share
Mailbox - Receiver Draft Reply
Mailbox - Receiver Draft Reply
Receiver_s Dashboard
Receiver_s Dashboard
Mailbox - Sender Received Detail
Mailbox - Sender Received Detail
Co-design Session Suggestions 
Affinity Map and Conceptual Model Created during analysis

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