Low-fidelity Prototype 1
TASK: Find an Article

Page 1 - Home page view with primary navigation menu renamed "Research"

Page 2 - "Research" page view including new search functionality and research guide included all in one page as opposed to scattered across site

Med-Fi Prototype
Low-Fidelity Prototype 2
TASK: Book a Study Space
Med-Fi Prototype

Page 1 - Home page redesign for more visible library services with new "Study spaces" primary navigation label and subsection for equipment, events, news. Space and availability meter provides better feedback.

Page 2- "Study spaces" page view including redesigned features for consistent and coherent icons. Added Reserve button functionality for a more efficient experience

Low-Fidelity Prototype 3
TASK: Find return info on FAQ page
Medium Fidelity Prototype
High Fidelity Prototype

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