Fig. 1 Flyer I made for recruitment

Case Study used to inform a conceptual design of a new or improved functionality for Pinterest to support collaborative tasks rooted in Computer-supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) concepts: articulation work and awareness.
Methods: Qualitative; Interviews, Observations, Survey, Prototype
Keywords: Computer-supported Cooperative Work(CSCW), Collaborative tools

Fig.2 Current Pinterest Feature: "Tasks"

Fig. 3 Low fidelity prototype

Potential for Pinterest to be used as a collaborative tool specifically with the following features to support articulation work and awareness of collaborator's presence. 
Awareness in CSCW is the understanding individuals have of the activities of others, which provides a context for their activity.

Feature suggestions:
1. Awareness of presence and pin ownership 
2. More prominent notes/comments under each pin 
3. Show slots for remaining pins needed to meet the pin limit for a specific Pinterest board
Articulation work in CSCW involves the tasks people do to manage and coordinate their collective efforts in a work process.
Feature suggestions: 
4. Set pin limit
5. Google Calendar integration
6. Reaction or comments on the pin  
7. Assign to-dos to other members.
8. Option to add pins below the to-do item. 
9. Add indentation options for sublists
Low - fidelity protoypes by Jennifer Posada

Fig. 4 Features [1]-Awareness of presence and pin ownership, [2]-More prominent notes/comments under each pin, [3]- Show slots for remaining pins needed to meet the pin limit for a specific Pinterest board, [5] Google Calendar integration, [6]Reaction or comments on the pin, [7]Assign to-dos to other members.

Fig. 5 - Features [1] Awareness of presence and pin ownership, [5]Google Calendar integration, [7] Assign to-dos to other members., [8]Option to add pins below the to-do item, [9]Add indentation options for sublists

Fig 6. Feature [4] - Set pin limit

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