Case Study used to inform a conceptual design of a new or improved functionality for Pinterest to support collaborative tasks rooted in Computer-supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) concepts: articulation work and awareness.
Methods: Qualitative; Interviews, Observations, Survey, Prototype
Keywords: Computer-supported Cooperative Work(CSCW), Collaborative tools

Fig.1 Current Pinterest Feature: "Tasks"

Fig. 2 Low fidelity prototype

Potential for Pinterest to be used as a collaborative tool specifically with the following features to support articulation work and awareness of collaborator's presence. 
Awareness in CSCW:  the understanding individuals have of the activities of others, which provides a context for their own activity.

Feature suggestions:
1. Awareness of presence and pin ownership 
2. More prominent notes/comments under each pin 
3. Show slots for remaining pins needed to meet the pin limit for a specific Pinterest board
Articulation work in CSCW involves the tasks people do to manage and coordinate their collective efforts in a work process.
Feature suggestions: 
4. Set pin limit
5. Google Calendar integration
6. Reaction or comments on the pin  
7. Assign to-dos to other members.
8. Option to add pins below the to-do item. 
9. Add indentation options for sublists
Low - fidelity protoypes by Jennifer Posada

Features [1]-Awareness of presence and pin ownership, [2]-More prominent notes/comments under each pin, [3]- Show slots for remaining pins needed to meet the pin limit for a specific Pinterest board, [5] Google Calendar integration, [6]Reaction or comments on the pin, [7]Assign to-dos to other members.

Features 1),5),7), 8),9)

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